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Cimtek filters take care of 3 things that you can influence with filters: sediment, micro-organism and water content. The water is very important, because at a water content above 50-70 ppm micro-organisms can grow in the diesel, which can cause slime and sediment formation. At the right temperature, that growth can be exponential! Cimtek has filters to counter this: Water Block filters.

Cimtek filters are very cost-effective filters to bring and keep the diesel within the diesel specifications. When the diesel meets that specification, it also largely meets the requirements set by engine manufacturers. The only difference is the Particle Size distribution that the engine manufacturers require (18/16/13 on the ISO-4406:1999). Using both a lower micronnage (<2 microns) of the Cimtek filter and Water Block will get you within the fuel as well as the engine specs. You buy these filters at

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With a Cimtek diesel filter you can be sure that you keep the diesel fuel clean. A filter from Cimtek is available with nominal cellulose elements and absolute filter elements made of glass fiber. In addition, they optionally contain extra absorption material to remove all water from the oil or fuel. A Cimtek filter ensures that water, micro-organisms and sediments are already removed from the fuel before they enter your machines. In other words, it is the perfect way to keep your fuel as clean as possible. The degree to which you remove water, sediment and micro-organism depends on the micronnage of the filter and whether it removes water (Hydroglass and Hydrosorb). We recommend the 2 micron absolute filters with water block.

Cellulose and Hydrosorb® filters are for use with gasoline, diesel, biodiesel, or ultra-low sulfur diesel (ULSD); Microglass and Hydroglass filters for biodiesel blends up to B100 (BMG & BHG)

Get started with a Cimtek diesel filter

A Cimtek diesel filter is a very cost-effective product that you can use to ensure that your fuel is and remains as clean as possible. We therefore recommend that you contact us if you want to know more about our products. We are happy to tell you everything about how our Cimtek filters work and can then recommend which filter best suits your needs. At you are in the right place if you want all your diesel fuel to always be in optimum condition!

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