Legal warranty only applies to consumers.The consumer must complain after discovery of the defect to the seller within a reasonable time and preferably within 2 months.

A product must do what the buyer can reasonably expect, so says the law . A product should not have defects, which are not to be expected during the expected lifetime of the product in normal conditions. If the product does not meet the consumer expectations then we are obligated to repair or replace it. Only when the consumer is at fault, Cleandieselfuel can request a compensation fee. Cleandieselfuel will pay the return shipping cost of the product that is damaged. It will be free of charge to the consumer. The consumer just needs to demonstrate that he bought the product from us. Each proof of purchase is enough.

If we proof within 6 months that the defect is an error from the consumer’s side, Cleandieselfuel will be not responsible for the damage of the product. If we cannot proof it than will be the defect considered as a manufacturing defect and we as a seller will be responsible. Legal warranty applies and additional guarantees do not apply.


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