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A fuel filter is essential for supplying clean fuel to your engine. Fuel is a liquid susceptible to contamination. For example, water will enter your fuel tank, and may generate the growth of micro-organism, which will have a negative impact on the quality of your fuel. The combustion of the contaminated fuel is less effective, augmenting fuel consumption and emissions. With a Racor fuel filter you ensure that the fuel remains clean and your engine therefore continues to function properly. This way, you avoid additional maintenance costs and the environment is also impacted less.

A top quality Racor filter

In the field of fuel filters, Racor is one of the top brands. It was founded more than 40 years ago as part of the larger Parker Industries, an American company that has been active since 1918. Racor always uses the latest technology in its filters to ensure that they achieve the highest filtering quality. Racor offers filters in several different sizes, to be used on small machines, but also for large equipment. On our website, Cleandieselfuel.com you will find a wide range of Racor filters. All Racor filters are quick to install, easy to keep in good condition and built tough. With these Racor fuel filters you can remove water, sediment and micro-organisms from your fuel.

A Racor fuel filter for every tank

With Racor fuel filters you can be sure that you are getting a quality product. It is not without reason that Racor has been a leader for over forty years. For example, you can use a Racor filter for your truck, boat, fueling station, generator or with heavy equipment. You can find more information about this on our website, but you can always contact us. We can then work with you to see what your requirements are. We are sure that a Racor filter can ensure that you get optimal results from your fuel in the future!

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