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If you are looking for a fuel filter to ensure that your diesel fuel is always of optimal quality, we can recommend the Separ brand. Separ diesel filters are very compact water separator filters that are easily installed, very effective and priced competitively. The flow rate ranges from 300 to 15.600 lph or 5 to 10.000 kW engine size. They come as single or double, switchable units.

They can be used for marine, road, non-road, emergency power, heavy equipment, generators, railway applications, etc.

Separ is a renowned brand that offers a wide range of filters. Separ fuel filters are highly regarded as Separ is a brand that really gets your diesel clean. A Separ fuel filter is a reliable product that always achieves good results. Each Separ filter works according to a 5-step plan that ensures that you get the optimum results with your diesel. You can find the Separ fuel filters on our website, at

The five steps for each Separ filter

A Separ filter goes through five steps to remove 99 percent of all water and pollution from your fuel. When the fuel enters the filter, it is forced to rotate down by a specially designed set of fins to create a kind of centrifuge effect. In step 2 this effect ensures that the lighter droplets of diesel are separated from the heavier water droplets and polluted particles. In step 3, a second rotating guide ensures that the diesel is moved in a different direction, forcing even more of the heavier elements out. In step 4, the fuel moves more slowly, so that contaminated particles have more time either sink to the bottom or to be filtered out. The final step ensures that even the finer water droplets are stopped and fine sedimentation is filtered out. All in all, these are five effective steps to keep your diesel fuel as clean as possible.

Before the elements need to be changed you can backflush them 2-3 times, and remove the debris through the drain valve. This extends the service life of the Separ filter.

More information about a Separ fuel filter

Are you interested in one of the fuel filters from Separ and would you like to know more about it? You will find extensive information on our website. You can also always contact us, by email or telephone, if you have any questions that are not answered on the website. We can then aide you in selecting the best suited filter for your particular situation.

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