Njord Fuel Conditioner NFC-1500-2

Njord Fuel Conditioner NFC-1500-2

This improved DUAL Njord Magnetic Fuel Conditioner with 2 magnets inside doubles its effect on fuel each run through and drastically reduce particle size in in diesel fuel, lube and hydraulic oils and other light distillates. Smaller particles mean less deposits on injectors, pumps, valves and tanks plus a better combustion as large particles cause incomplete combustion and formation of soot. Smaller particles also reduce the number of filter changes, and let you go down in micronnage of your filters. Because the injecots stay cleaner, the injeciton pattern is better and the consumption lower.

Next to that they stop microbial growth that can lead to the build-up of cellular product (jelly-like slime) produced by the organisms which block filters. Njord Fuel Conditioners provide the magnetic conditioning chamber which causes induction to occur in microbes suspended in the fuel and passing through the flow path of the Njord Fuel Conditioners. This action disrupts the electrical balance of the cell membrane, preventing it from colonizing and producing the corrosive acids and the cellular slime that coats tanks and blocks fuel filters. In this fashion they control microbial contamination.

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Njord Magnetic Fuel Conditioner NFC-1500-2 1500 hp

Featuring dual magnets inside for double the effect per run through !

Key Effects on Fuel:

  • Drastically Reduce Particle Size in Diesel
  • Stop Growth of Micro-Organism


  • Keep Injectors, Pumps and Tanks Clean by Preventing Carbon Deposits
  • As Well As Extend Filter Life

All Resulting in:

  • Improved Combustion and Fuel Stability
  • Lower Harmful Emissions and Fuel Consumption
  • Reduce Maintenance & Downtime
  • Increase Safety and Reliability
  • Lower Operating Costs

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Weight 3,4 kg
Dimensions 14 × 14 × 7 cm


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