Njord SWK-2000/130MK Prefilter and Polisher in one

Njord SWK-2000/130MK Prefilter and Polisher in one

Separ SWK-2000/130MK Prefilter AND Polisher on back plate with:
– 2400 lph pump (110 or 230 Volt AC) with on-off switch
– Njord Fuel Conditioner NFC-3000
– 2 manual valves for feed to pump or engine

7.201,50 tax incl.

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Njord SWK-2000/130MK Prefilter and Polisher in one is mounted on a back plate to allow you to recirculate the fuel over your tank using your prefilter and thereby polish your fuel without having to add additional tank connections.

They are recommended for use on board yachts that have 110 or 230 Volt AC available and very limited space. They can be used to clean a dirty tank before installation and then be installed in the engine area.

Key Features:
– Modular compact design on aluminum back plate
– Plug & Play system connecting to existing suction and return lines
– On-off switch with 110 or 230 Volt AC power requirement
– Upgradable with controller and sensors later on

– Water alarm
– Vacuum dirty filter alarm
– Fuel Conditioner to reduce particle size and stop microorganism growth
– Automated filtration controller with week clock plus water, filter and leak sensors
– Absolute filtration in secondary filter
– Leak tray
– Tank Access Points for connection to existing tanks
– Hand priming pump

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Weight140 kg
Dimensions125 x 86 x 45 cm


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